Official Candy5 Lollipop Android 5.1.1 Rom For HTC One M7 Sprint

Official Android lollipop 5.1.1 Candy5 Rom For HTC One M7 Sprint Variant

Official Candy5 Lollipop Android 5.1.1 Rom For HTC One M7 Sprint

Htc M7 Candy5 Info

This is Candy5. Built straight from CyanogenMod source with commits from a type of different Sources/ROMS. We wanted to offer the customers a fun, thoroughly customizable ROM.We purpose to add more elements as this venture progresses.


We right here at the CandyShop aren’t responsible for any bricks you may also obtain. Please follow the thread rules and steps and everything shall be gravy. Don’t forget, backing up before flashing is invariably recommended.


  • darkish UI
  • Mms, Dialer,
  • InCallUI,
  • Non-Intrusive,
  • documents,
  • Calendar,
  • Contacts,
  • DeskClock
  • SystemUI
  • candy sweetener
  • custom sweet images
  • Battery led customization
  • Customizable fast settings tiles
  • custom battery icons
  • LockScreen pursuits/widgets
  • core/color clock
  • Google id dialer
  • Non-Intrusive dialer option
  • ScreenRecorder w/ mic support
  • DPI on the fly
  • Slim recents
  • Slim PIE
  • Nav bar customization
  • LockScreen themes
  • CandyWrappers (CandyKat wallpapers)
  • PEEK
  • Hardware button config.
  • customized navigation bar
  • Shake events
  • custom provider label
  • Lockscreen rotation
  • Slim moves
  • Chamber of secrets and techniques
  • customized toast animations []Statusbar notification rely
  • Notification panel blahh
  • Statusbar clock font patterns
  • Lockscreen notifications
  • Hover
  • Qs flip tile animations
  • Heads up
  • Battery bar
  • custom slim latest color/transparency
  • CM11 ThemeEngine
  • CandyCenter (app remover/ota)


  • Download Latest Android LP Candy5.zip
  • Download Android 5.1.+ Google Apps (optional Item)
  • Copy Candy5 rom.zip to your phones internal or SD card
  • Boot device into recovery mode (via twrp or cwm)
  • Perform a Full wipe (Dalvik Cache, Cache, System, Factory Data Reset your phone)
  • Install Lollipop Candy5 ROM.zip
  • Install Android 5.1 Google Gapps
  • Reboot your device and Enjoy

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