Custom DIRTY UNICORNS 9.8 Rom Lollipop 5.1.1 For LG Optimus 2
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Custom DIRTY UNICORNS 9.8 Rom Lollipop 5.1.1 For LG Optimus 2

Here is the latest Rom version of Custom DIRTY UNICORNS 9.8 version Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Stable and Fast LG Optimus 2 smartphone. I hope you will enjoy this rom in your LG Phone.

Custom DIRTY UNICORNS 9.8 Rom Overview

This is the latest Custom Rom Update for LG Optimus 2. Though coming from a previous lollipop version of Dirty Unicorn. Please update the right way by wipe system and cache then installing the update.

Change Log Of LG optimus 2 Custom DIRTY UNICORNS 9.8 Rom

Version 9.8
- Update to Android 5.1.1_r28
- Moar CMTE fixes
- Updated translations
- Added CMTE quick settings tile
- Added fix for COS theme per-app apk

Version 9.7
- Update to Android 5.1.1_r18 (LVY48F)
- Fix 3-finger Gesture
- Slimified Nav Ring targets
- Ability to ignore interruptions while active media playback
- Add OmniSwitch as Recents
- Add Gesture Lockscreen
- Ability to hide Power Menu on the Lockscreen
- Ability to have notification lights while screen is on
- Bring back the Battery Bar
- Allow lockscreen elements to be themeable via color changing
- Ability to disable Privacy Guard notifications
- Add Volume Panel QS tile
- Disable extended statusbar weather by default
- Add ability to rotate the lockscreen
- Haptic feedback for QS tiles
- Time Contextual Headers
- Fix NFC tile disappearing
- Volume panel timeout ability
- Long press lockscreen lock icon to sleep or activate Torch
- Add menu action to OmniSwitch
- Fix Ad Blocker
- Re-organize Dirty Tweaks to make things more streamlined
- Further optimizations and bug fixes
- CMTE fixes
- Updated translations
- Update to Android 5.1.1_r9
- Patched up stagefright vulnerability
- OmniSwitch updates
- Added ability to enable or disable scrolling cache
- Add 3-finger screenshot gesture
- Fix QS - Notification shade blank area bug
- Add DT2S for Lockscreen
- Add Lockscreen Wallpaper functionality
- Add new nav bar icons by Bryan Owens
- Add Enable-Disable notification color inversion
- Customize Battery Saver notification icons
- Add Dotted Battery icon style
- Add Longpress Settings actions to QS
- Add System App Remover
- Add back menu button for navbar
- Reorganize Dirty Tweaks
- Reorganize About Phone - About Tablet
- Update more icons
- Fix backup tool
- Added optimizations to various repos
- Spruced up DeskClock
- Various translations
- Added back Omni's customizable PhaseBeam wallpapers
- Materialized Launcher3
- Fix assorted bugs reported or discovered
G2 Device Changes
- G2 GPS device fixes added from post HERE!!!
- Audio MixerPath Fixes
- Softkey Vibration fixes
- SELinux Updates

- Update to Android 5.1.1_r8
- Add Breathing Notifications (calls/sms/voicemail)
- Slim Recents
- Option to disable Torch on screen off
- Add Slim Navbar customizations
- Add SlimPIE
- Add SELinux Switch
- Add NavBar Tile
- Move button mods to Navigation menu
- Add Expanded Desktop
- Add Weather to Settings (cLock)
- Add back IME arrows
- Add DU Logo in status bar (plus color changing ability)
- Add ability to disable Lockscreen Shortcuts
- Update more icons to Material Design
- Fix 4G instead of LTE switch
- Add Live Volume Steps
- Add Config for WiFi Country Code
- Hotspot Idle Config
- Per App Controls for keyguard
- Simplify how Extra Info determines density
- Font change size for SMS/MMS composition or incoming
- Assorted bug fixes
- Various translations
- Android 5.1.1_r4
- Add USB Tether tile
- Remove carrier settings
- Make DU Extra Info themeable
- Force Expanded Notifications
- Add Music tile
- Fix disabling volume adjust sound
- Various ThemeChooser fixes
- Add Volume Rocker Swap button function
- Add Wakelock Blocker
- Add AOKP System Animations and Listview Animations
- Eliminate more checkbox options (replaced by switches)
- Add Task Manager
- Add ability to disable Lockscreen Shortcuts
- Update various icons to Material Design
- Show 4G instead of LTE switch
- Make headset notification dismissable
- Allow all files over BT
- Dirty Unicorns is starting...
- Stop About-DU from launching at startup
- Increasing ring volume
- Unlink ringer and notification volume
- Add ADB over Network tile
- Add Compass tile
- Notification ticker
- Add NFC tile
- Privacy Guard (functions alongside App Ops)
- Implement PIN keypad shuffler

~Update to Android 5.1.1
~Materialize DSPManager
~Fix SysUI FC for Themes with QS mods
~Change checkboxes to switches
~Remove Voice Dialer
~Fix for Play Services deep sleeping
~Fix various Theme Engine issues
~Add back notification LED settings backend
~Fix NavRing FC
~Expose values for our applications to be themed
~Hide lights settings if device doesn't support them
~Don't set preferred APN's automatically
~Fix battery and notification lights
~Various translations

~Added DU-Updater
~Make Navring available to devices with no navbar
~Add user configurable shortcuts
~Implement ambient display as Active Display
~Change location sensors mode in quick settings
~Show carrier label / custom & change color
~Add Left clock
~Volume rocker music controls
~Double tap to sleep on navigation bar
~Navbar ring targets
~Option to show four tiles per row
~Lots of tiles added
~Theme Chooser updates

Version 9.1
~NavigationBar Customization
~Add navigation bar arrow keys toggle
~Add left and right virtual buttons while typing
~Create expandable volume panel
~Battery and Notification Lights
~Add Sync tile
~Screenshot Tile
~Update default app icon to a more material like icon
~Material Design makeover
~Proximity speaker: add time delay preference
~Headsup Options
~Mms improvements
~Lockscreen Tile
~Lockscreen shortcut customization
~Themed DU kb hints/spacebar
~Add About DU to settings/about phone
~Add our changelog back
~Allow disabling of FC dialogs
~Update SuperSU v2.45
~Materialize volume panel in/out animation
~Powermenu screenshot delay
~Theme Engine

Version 9.0 - Initial Release of Lollipop
~Add customization for Quick Settings
~Add notifications tile
~Add a standalone File Manager
~Proximity speaker
~Add long click support for QS tiles
~Option to disable brightness slider
~Optional DU Blackout keyboard
~Add FAB for recents and more locations
~Pimp the power menu out
~Smart Pulldown
~Add ability to change the color in battery saver mode
~Gesture Anywhere
~App circle sidebar
~Battery Bar
~Add Camera sound toggle
~Battery text mode & Forward port battery icon options
~Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime
~Do not allow to access quick settings on secure lockscreen
~Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
~Add AdBlocker
~Add option to disable searchbar in recents
~Quick pulldown preference
~Statusbar clock and date customizations
~MediaScanner behavior on boot
~Add double tap to sleep
~Make voicemail notifications dismissable
~Volume Rocker Wake
~Turn off carrier provisioning by default
~Doze (ambient display) timeout
~Port forward statusbar brightness control
~Disable Immersive Messages
~Added screenshot delete action in notifications
Disable/Enable screenshot sound
~Network Traffic
~DU bootanimtion
~Quick unlock control for lockscreen
~Add back all keyboard IME features
~Dialer lookup
~Allow disabling volume adjust sound
~Don't wake up device when charger is plugged/unplugged

System Requirements Of LG Optimus 2 DIRTY UNICORNS 9.8 Rom

  • OS version : 5.1.1
  • Type : DIRTY UNICORNS 9.8
  • Android Update : Lollipop

Download Custom DIRTY UNICORNS 9.8 Rom Lollipop 5.1.1 For LG Optimus 2

Click on the below button to start download custom DIRTY UNICORNS 9.8 Android Lollipop 5.1.1 for LG Optimus 2. It is full and complete flash File. Just download and start installing in your phone. We have provided direct link full setup.

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